“Black Desert” Adds The New Region Drieghan Today

Those of you looking for a new area to explore in Black Desert have just gotten your wish, as Pearl Abyss has added the new Drieghan region today. This region, as the devs have put it, is basically the realm of dragons. But it contains a society that is actually pretty killer as they live among the higher hills. It feels a little like someone took Tibet and put it in the middle of a fantasy game. Here’s the official description from the developers as they tell you a little about the city and the perils around it.

Black Desert Drieghan
Credit: Pearl Abyss

Drieghan boasts several distinct areas, including the graveyard of Sherekhan Necropolis, the dragon’s realm of Garmoth’s Nest, the shining metropolis of Duvencrune, and more. Drieghan also introduces Adventurers to a new foe, Garmoth the Crimson Dragon. Garmoth has been hiding for years, plotting his revenge against the people of Drieghan for slaying his brethren many years ago in the Great War. Adventurers must travel to Garmoth’s Nest to confront the vengeful dragon and strike him down before he can carry out his reign of terror upon the people of Drieghan.

The new region comes with a brand new update that they have added to the console version of Black Desert. The update adds a ton of content to the area, including some new fine-crafted weapons, the looming threat of dragons, new foods to try, new plants to suss out and find, as well as several magic crystals for you to uncover. Basically, they went out of their way to make a new region you could explore and get the most out of before they probably throw it into chaos. Because, of course, they will. This is dragon territory. You can get a glimpse of it all before you step in by checking out the trailer below.

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