“Call Of Duty: Mobile” Launches Season 5: Steel Legion

Activision and Tencent have kicked off the month of April in Call Of Duty: Mobile with Season 5, bringing with it a bunch of updates in the form of Steel Legion. Among the new additions is the new Battle Pass which comes with David Mason and Steel Legion themed weapons, along with a free GKS. A new ranked season with new rewards to earn, including the Epic Man-O-War and Epic Ruin character. You’re getting a new Multiplayer Map with the popular Meltdown map. Plus the Battle Royale mode got some changes including 20 v 20 Warfare in first-person perspective. Also, two new limited-time MP game modes have been added in the form of Gun Game Team Fight (Gun Game + TDM) and the popular 2v2 Showdown from Modern Warfare. Here’s a little more on that from the devs.

COD Mobile Steel Legion
Credit: Tencent

You and a partner face off against another squad of two in a single elimination showdown. You will be given loadouts at random that will change every two matches. To win a game, you must win six matches. Eliminate the two enemy players within the time limit, or the match goes into ‘overtime’. During overtime, a flag will spawn, typically at the center of the map. You can win by either taking down the enemy or capturing the flag. If the flag isn’t captured nor the enemy defeated, the team with the most health wins. Showdown require unique strategy and tactics, particular since there is no health regen.

Other additions include the new Scorestreak – Shock RC, which is available in free Battle Pass, new bundles in the store, and a ton of various UI updates, weapon balance, and gameplay optimizations. You can read more about the new additions to this season of Call of Duty: Mobile here. As well as check out everything in action in the trailer below.

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