“Conan Chop Chop” Gets Pushed Back To Q2 2020

Those of you hoping to take part in Conan Chop Chop this quarter will have to wait a bit longer as the game has been pushed back. Funcom and Mighty Kingdom announced this week that the game will now come out sometime in Q2 2020. Here’s a quick quote from the announcement.

Credit: Funcom

“We are almost at the finish line. The additional time is to ensure that the game is optimized for online multiplayer, and to give us a chance to add some polish here and there. It’s basically all about getting that final Chop in place,” says Mighty Kingdom CEO Philip Mayes, adding that, “This isn’t merely a one-chop game. This is Conan Chop Chop, and that necessitates extra attention to detail.”

It’s nice that, while the information is brief, we at least know what they’re working on in order to make the gameplay the way they intend. Hopefully, we’ll get a release date sometime in the Spring.

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