Did “Fortnite” Rip Off A Character From “Critical Role”?

An interesting tidbit from social media before we head into Thanksgiving as fans of Critical Role are calling out a new skin in Fortnite as a ripoff. Earlier today, Epic revealed a brand new skin available in their shop, posting the announcement on Twitter. The skin is called the Autumn Queen Outfit and comes with a pair of bug-eyed mushrooms as your pickaxe. Here’s a look at the skin.

Did "Fortnite" Rip Off A Character From "Critical Role"?
Credit: Epic Games

But shortly after the costume went live, several people were quick to note that the skin looks like Keyleth. The half-elf druid of Vox Machina and headmaster of the Air Ashari from the first campaign of Critical Role, played by Marisha Ray. In fact, they look a lot alike, as you can see from this promo photo below shot in 2016. The crown of antlers and flowers, the cape of autumn leaves, the brown wraps and leggings. Hell, they even made her a redhead.

Did "Fortnite" Rip Off A Character From "Critical Role"?
Credit: Critical Role

So far, as of the time this article was written, only one person involved with Critical Role has commented on it. That being Marisha’s husband and DM of the show, Matthew Mercer. Who seems to be taking it in stride, as you can see below. We’ll see if anything comes of it after the holidays, but we’re guessing probably not. In the meantime, the skin is available in the Fortnite shop if you’d like to purchase it. Considering it’s for the fall and we’re about to hit winter, it’s probably going to be a temporary item.

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