Ghostrunner Receives A Free Demo Available On Steam

In case you’d like to try out the game Ghostrunner, you’re in luck, as a free demo of the game has been loaded up on Steam. The game has mainly only been playable for a while now at conventions and trade shows as it’s still being worked on by developers One More Level Games3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks, as publisher All In! Games have been quiet about an actual release date. But the company revealed today that you can now become your best inner cyber warrior as you can now cut and slash through anything that dares to get in your way. However, the demo is only available for a single week, as it will be taken away on May 13th. You can read up more on it below and check out the latest cinematic trailer for the game as we patiently wait to get a release date beyond the year “2020”.

Credit: One More Level Games
After a cataclysmic event, the remnants of humanity dwell within Dharma Tower, a megastructure constructed as a temporary shelter. A century of conflict led to a brutal division of Dharma — the lower the floor, the lower the resident’s status. The enigmatic Keymaster maintains this imposed caste system, but the people have had enough. Ascend the tower as a Ghostrunner capable of blistering speed and deadly precision, and learn the truth behind the Keymaster’s reign.
Join the resistance known as the Climbers on their mission to cut through the Keymaster’s regime. Death awaits on each level of the tower, from the derelict industrial machinery of the Base to the sickening sheen of the Summit. Dodge oncoming bullets by dashing and wall-running, then slice through enemies with a single cut. Cybernetic implants push the limit even further with bullet-timelike mechanics to keep the cyber-warrior out of harm’s way.

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