Good Shepherd Entertainment Reveals New Game “Monster Train”

Good Shepherd Entertainment along with indie developer Shiny Shoe announced a brand new roguelike deck-building game today called Monster Train. The game is set on a literal train to Hell, as you build your decks and face off against other players in online battles. Up to eight players can battle each other in a single game ina timed fast-paced fight. The game is set to come out sometime in Q2 2020. You can check out the trailer for it below as we wait for more info to be released.

Good Shepherd Entertainment Reveals New Game "Monster Train"
Credit: Good Shepherd

Hell has frozen over, and it’s up to you to protect the last Pyre from the forces of Heaven and make Hell burn once more. Monster Train adds an extra strategic element to roguelike deck-builders with three vertical play fields that must be defended at a time. Build a deck of spells and minions from over 200 cards, and position your champions on each level to protect the train and your Pyre from invaders. With five clans to combine and fight for, challenging enemies to balance your deck against, and multiple routes to take through Hell, no playthrough is ever the same.

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