“Nioh 2” Slashes Onto PlayStation 4 in Spring 2020

"Nioh 2" Slashes Onto PlayStation 4 in Spring 2020
Credit: Koei Tecmo

Get ready to dive into the world of Nioh once more in 2020. Nioh 2 is officially scheduled to hit PlayStation 4 as of March 13, 2020.

Team Ninja producer Fumihiko Yasuda took to the official PlayStation Blog to break the news, thanking fans for being patient while the team worked to set the date.

“One of the primary reasons for not rushing to set a launch date was to ensure that we can achieve a “genuine evolution” from Nioh, which to us meant that we needed to bring in fresh new elements while retaining the things that we felt were right from the first game,” wrote Yasuda. “Although there weren’t enough significant changes in the Alpha, we now feel that we have come much closer to reaching our goals.”

Now that the game has been dated, fans can look forward to an open beta demo coming upon November 1. It’s a free download that’ll be available through November 10. You can check out new elements such as character customization as well as the new Switchglaive weapon.

There’s a lot to experience in the beta, including a starting stage called Sunomata as well as plenty of other intriguing set pieces as you slash your way to victory. If you complete the beta, you’ll be rewarded with The Mark of the Demon Slayer. This will enable you to unlock the Kamaitachi Helmet in the full game next year.

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