Review: Games Workshop’s “Necromunda: Dark Uprising”

Hey there, loyal readers and heretics alike! We are back with a review of the boxed set for Games Workshop’s new release, Necromunda: Dark Uprising!

As many of you know, I’d been reviewing a good many of Games Workshop’s boxes lately, and in the wake of a bit of a post-GenCon lull, I’m back in the swing of things.

Please pay no mind to the nachos in the back. Source: Games Workshop

This box was said to be heavy, by the folks at Games Workshop when we received news that this was coming, and boy oh boy, is it ever! At well over ten pounds of solid sprues and the weight of the rulebook adding to that, this was one massive box to get ahold of. I had relative trouble even getting it through my door!

When I opened it up, I was amazed to find that the vast majority of the bulk was attributed to the sheer amount of sprues in the Dark Uprising box.

Source: Games Workshop

This was the first thing I saw after removing an initial layer of protective bubble wrap. And it was all I saw until maybe layer eight of sprues. At that point, the Zone Mortalis terrain sprues were delegated to the left side of the box while the fifteen Corpse Grinder Cultists and eleven Palanite Enforcers (six of whom are Subjugators) were delegated to the right in three sprues per faction.

Source: Games Workshop

There were altogether seventeen sprues of Zone Mortalis, and this makes up a huge brunt of the value of this box. For those looking for good quality grimdark-style terrain for any of their games set in the 41st Millennium, this box will be well worth it.

Source: Games Workshop

Of course, there’s more to the box than sprues, although I could have been fooled at first. The box also comes with templates, a rulebook, a base gameboard upon which to place your masses of terrain, dice, and build instructions for all the things you’re going to be assembling for days-to-weeks to come.

I haven’t even touched the models because I’m daunted here. However, I am eager to see how they look on the fields of battle in the Zone Mortalis!

So, a question to you all before I leave you tantalized: at a $290 price range, do you foresee getting ahold of this boxed set? I see a lot of you doing so if you’re die-hard fans of the Necromunda range by Games Workshop, for sure. It’s big, and to me, well worth it! But I want to know more from my readers: what do you think? Is this a worthy investment to you? Let us know!

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