“The King Of Fighters AllStar” Gets A New Year-Themed Update

This week, Netmarble revealed their 2020 Celebration update for The King Of Fighters AllStar, with New Year and Swimwear-themed fighters. But the biggest update to the game is that we’re getting a new fighter in Orochi, who debuted in The King Of Fighters ’97. The big bad boss from the game that basically everyone loathed if you ever came up against him. We have more details of what’s included in this update. You can currently snag the game on Google Play and the App Store.

"The King Of Fighters AllStar" Gets A New Year-Themed Update
Credit: Netmarble

In addition, over the course of ten days starting on January 1, Netmarble is rewarding players a special token for 10 free gacha rolls up to 100 free summons. Tokens can then be used to acquire seven new Allstar fighters from the ‘New Year Allstar Fighters Gacha’ at no cost. New fighters include the New Year-themed Mai Shiranui, Vice and Geese Howard, along with the Swimwear-themed Kula, AngelK’ and Mai Shiranui.

Other additions to The King Of Fighters AllStar’s New Year update include:

  • Cake-Defense Event – Players can earn a large number of affinity-increasing items with this event.
  • Time Attack Event – Allstar Fighter souls can be acquired through the Time Attack event.
  • Andy’s Super Mission Event – Starting on January 7, players can complete daily missions to acquire and grow a New Year Andy fighter. Once the final mission is complete, players can acquire 2020 Rubies.

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