The Nintendo Switch Has Outsold The Wii In Japan

The Nintendo Switch as a console has passed a new milestone as the console has officially outsold the Nintendo Wii in Japan. You can thank the coronavirus for the new numbers on the console as it has forced people indoors, and one of the ways people have dealt with it has been through playing video games. So, of course, they went out and bought new consoles they may not have already had, including the Switch and Switch Lite.

Credit: Nintendo

According to Daniel Ahmad, Switch and Switch Lite sales have been some of the highest ever in Japan. And due to all of these sales, the system has now sold 12.8 million units in the country, which surpassed the Wii’s lifetime hardware sales at 12.7 million.

The Wii still holds a lifetime global sales over the Switch with 101 million, while the Switch is sitting at 52 million. But that’s still a mighty big achievement for Nintendo in their home country.

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