THQ Nordic Will Push Forward On A Remake Of “Gothic”

THQ Nordic released a small bit of info this morning letting fans know they would be pushing forward on a remake of Gothic. The company released a playable teaser back in December 2019, and after researching the response they received, they’re going to be doing a remake of the classic with improvements. When we’ll actually see the game is unknown, as they barely announced it. We’re guessing 2022 is a likely year. But for now, you can still play the demo on Steam.

THQ Nordic Will Push Forward On A Remake Of "Gothic"
Credit: THQ Nordic

ust a little over two months after releasing a playable teaser for the Gothic Remake and asking the players for their feedback, the answer is clear: The fans are up for a new “old” Gothic game and the vast majority (read: 94,8%) was in favour to develop a remake of the iconic German RPG Gothic, originally released in 2001. Over 180.000 players have played the playable teaser so far. On the evening (CET) of February 16 2020, THQ Nordic took the survey offline, and hereby publicly releases the raw data of the survey, as well as highlight graphs. With more than 43.000 answered surveys and over 9.000 (yes, really!) reviews on Steam and various discussions on all social media platforms, there is enough data to check.

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