Trailer For Saban Films Thriller Villain Debuts Along With Poster

Villain is a new thriller from Saban Films starring Craig Fairbrass. In the film, an ex-con gets out of prison and wants to resume living a normal life. He learns that his brother owes huge to a local drug lord, and resumes his life of crime to help get him out of it. The British production has some early Guy Ritchie vibes going for it, as well as some brutal-looking action. The movie is slated to hit digital, On-Demand, and select theaters on May 22nd. I would think that the theatrical release will not be happening though, so digital and On-Demand it is. You can watch the trailer for Villain and see the poster below.

Villain Synopsis and Poster

“After being released from prison, ex-con Eddie Franks (Craig Fairbrass) wants nothing more than to start a new life. However, his dreams of normalcy are tested when he learns of his brother’s dangerous debt to a menacing drug lord. To protect his family, Eddie is forced to go back to his former life of crime and learns that stepping back into this world can have devastating consequences in this action-packed thriller.”

Saban Films thriller Villain debuted its poster.
Saban Films thriller Villain debuted its poster.

This could be a fun little action flick to watch at home. It looks well cast, and again, it looks like it has some decent action going on. I am personally a sucker for a film that takes place in the criminal underworld, mob-related or otherwise. I can even be more forgiving if the story or dialogue is a little lacking if the action is well done in a film like Villain. Will it be one of those? We’ll have to see so the jury is still out, but the trailer made me way more interested than I thought I could be when I hit play.

Villain is directed by Philip Barantini and written by George Russo and Greg Hall. It stars Craig Fairbrass, George Russo, Izuka Hoyle, Mark Monero, Robert Glenister, Tomi May, Eloise Lovell Anderson, Taz Skylar, Nicholas Aaron, Michael John Treanor, and Marcus Onilude. It hits select theaters, digital and On Demand May 22nd.

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