“Two Point Hospital” Is Getting A New Expansion Called “Off The Grid”

SEGA and Two Point Games will be adding a new expansion to Two Point Hospital as players will soon be practicing medicine Off the Grid. The new addition will be sold for $9 as it goes on sale on March 26th, 2020. In this new expansion, you’ll be exploring new areas of the world with an environmental theme, while also finding new viruses and illnesses that have a bit of a green theme. You can check out the details below along with a new trailer.

"Two Point Hospital" Is Getting A New Expansion Called "Off the Grid"
Credit: SEGA

In Two Point County, voter research has repeatedly suggested that the public’s number one concern is with the environment. To secure her place in office… ahem, we mean, to support the green-minded community, Two Point County’s ever-present mayor, Tabitha Windsock, founded the ‘Department of Green Things’. She recently discovered it pays to go green in this time of poor voter polling, so why not join the mayor on her journey to ecological (polling) victory in Two Point Hospital – Off the Grid.

In Two Point Hospital – Off the Grid you’ll explore three new regions each with its own unique characteristics. Help make Two Point County a beautiful and sustainable place to live, by researching 35 brand-new unusual illnesses (9 visual), like Green Fingers and Root Snoot, and experiencing exciting treatment rooms on your route to eco-friendly success. Get gardening to treat the region’s most herbaceous afflictions, before moving on to Windsock City, the County’s first eco-city, where you’ll need to build green energy machines to stay switched-on and self-sufficient. Generated power can be used to open hospital rooms or allocated to the Patient Flow and Staff Applicants systems, to influence transport in and out of the city.

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