WWE Snags Four Spots in Top 150 Cable Shows in Tuesday Ratings

WWE got an F in the ratings Tuesday… F for fantastic! Four of WWE’s shows on FS1 landed spots in the Top 150 cable shows, according to Showbuzz Daily. The best-performing show was Brock Lesnar Most Dominant Matches, which aired at 9 PM and took the 99th spot for the night with a .06 rating and 255,000 viewers. Brock Lesnar dominated not only his opponents, but two episodes of Drain the Ocean on National Geographic, Tirdy Works on TruTV, and seven reruns of Monk on USA. Taking spot 118 in the rankings was Edge’s Best WrestleMania Matches, which scored a .05 rating, and 213,000 viewers at 8 PM. Edge’s matches were better than Quien de Mas on Universo, several Curse of Oak Island specials on History Channel, and six reruns of Monk.

In 137th place, Roman Reigns’ Best Wrestlemania Matches at 10 PM scored a .04 rating with 198,000 viewers, handily beating Morning Express with Meade on HLN, Caso Cerrado on Universo, and one rerun of Monk. With ratings like that, it’s clearer than ever that Roman Reigns is the new CM Punk. The 7 PM show, Ric Flair’s Best WWE Matches, had a .03 rating with 157,000 viewers. That show also defeated a single rerun of Monk, as well as both Mad Money and Fast Money on CNBC. WWE Backstage once again failed to make the top 150 shows and, presumably, did not score a higher rating than any reruns of Monk.

The official logo for the WWE.
The official logo for the WWE.

The Bottom Line ‘Cause Chad Said So

Yesterday, when I published my excellent and unbiased report on WWE’s Monday Night Raw ratings, I got a lot of hate on social media for being a “WWE shill.” One person, who I won’t name because The Chadster doesn’t use his platform to bring hate on others, even “the most kiss-ass ‘wrestling journalist’ I’ve ever seen” and referred to my articles as “desperate.” Another unsavory individual commented on the article, “Stop pretending to be a journalist. You’re a WWE fanatic and a wannabe promoter. I can’t wait for these ‘WWE wins the ratings again’ puff pieces to stop when the NFL comes back.”

All I can say is that I’m sorry I enjoy WWE and don’t want them to fail like so many on the internet seem to. I’m sorry that you can’t handle my unbiased take on wrestling journalism. Maybe you’d prefer someone who’s negative all the time, like Bleeding Cool’s Jude Terror, a guy who had the nerve to insult Enzo Amore’s excellent coronavirus-themed rap track today? It’s not butt-rock, Jude. And even though you said it ironically, I actually do think COVID-19 Anthem could be the song of the Summer.

But like the great Charlotte Flair or my favorite wrestler Baron Corbin, I try not to let all of this hatred bring me down. At the end of the day, I know that the only reason people have a problem with The Chadster is out of jealousy, the same reason people look for the negative side of WWE’s ratings every week. I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing, and at the end of the day, one of is married to the lovely Keighleyanne McMahon and drives a sweet Mazda Miata, and one of us is not. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which is which.


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